Generation Health Labs

Here at Generation Health Labs, we are furthering the scientific research of Cannabis concentrates with our own extraction lab where we manufacture all of our top quality shatters, waxes, oils, and infused products. We accomplish this by using either the highly efficient and sophisticated close loop systems such as our butane honey oil extractor designed for producing BHO, or the supercritical liquid fluid extractor designed for producing our signature Co2 hash. In this way, our concentrates are produced in the cleanest, safest, and most streamlined fashion possible. We at Generation Health are also using our very own cutting edge methods to isolate specific Cannabinoids for specific medicinal benefits that they produce. In contrast we are also able to isolate the flavor cells, or Terpenes, that reside within the Cannabis oils and obtain the pure flavors of the extracts. Our concentrates have so many medicinal applications from alleviating symptoms like headaches, insomnia, and joint pain to increasing motivation, feeling uplifted, and more energetic. In this way, we believe we have something for everyone.
So regardless of if you’re a beginner, or a seasoned veteran, we guarantee that our products will leave you happy and content.

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