Perico Verde, an energy drink, is the most recent product that Mari y Juana Beverage Co.TM has developed. This cutting-edge product, which is destined to bring about a sea change in the market, is scheduled to make its debut on store shelves in the year 2023. Cannabis connoisseurs and people who enjoy drinking energy drinks will find that Perico Verde provides a one-of-a-kind experience because to its distinctive combination of low and high THC proportions.

The benefits of cannabis infusion are combined with the energizing effects of caffeine in the product known as Perico Verde, which is manufactured in California and has Mexican ancestry. InnovaTea®, the primary component, is a natural product of fermented green tea leaves that has been meticulously standardized to contain an astonishing 98% caffeine. With this caffeine source, you can rest assured that each and every sip of Perico Verde will provide you with a potent surge of energy, enabling you to maintain your alertness and concentration throughout the day and night.

It is a source of great pride for Mari y Juana Beverage Co.TM to be able to design goods that are tailored to the ever-changing preferences of customers. Through the combination of the ever-increasing need for beverages infused with cannabis with the everlasting appeal of energy drinks, and by combining these two elements with a can design that is captivating.

An thrilling and engaging image of a parakeet, also known as a Perico in Spanish, with its beak crackling with electric energy is featured on the label. This image is meant to provide a visual representation of the powerful consequences that are in store for those who consume this beverage. The brilliant colors and dynamic design convey a sense of excitement, which is a reflection of the surge of energy and the sensation of being on a wonderful trip that Perico VerdeTM promises to offer.

Take a PericasoTM and soar to the heavens if you feel like you’re falling short.

Aim high, and go loko.