Anxiety is Nothing to Worry About with Wana Optimals “Quick Calm”

We live in anxious times. The reasons – pandemic panic, corporate burnout, simple chemical imbalance – are as plentiful as the supposed solutions. Even if you’re not one of the 40 million Americans affected by anxiety symptoms each year (1), or even if you manage to keep it at bay most of the time, you’re more likely than not to suffer from occasional racing thoughts, tension, or feelings of being overwhelmed.

If so, you may find relief in an unexpected place. Namely, a new formulation from the first-of-its-kind Wana Optimals line: Quick Calm Gummies.

Think Outside the THC
At first blush, using cannabis for anxiety may seem counterintuitive. While plenty of people do use it to unwind, paranoia is a common negative side effect of too much THC.

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