In New Mexico, a unique intersection has emerged between LGBTQ+ support and cannabis consumption. This convergence is not accidental but a result of progressive policies and a vibrant, diverse community. As the state embraces cannabis legalization, it simultaneously fosters an environment of acceptance and support for the LGBTQ+ community. This intersectionality has led to a unique cultural blend, where cannabis consumption is not only a personal choice but also a symbol of solidarity and support for LGBTQ+ rights. This article explores this intriguing intersection, shedding light on how cannabis and LGBTQ+ support intertwine in New Mexico.

The LGBTQ+ Community and Cannabis

The historical relationship between the LGBTQ+ community and cannabis is marked by shared experiences of social stigma, legal challenges, and advocacy efforts. The HIV/AIDS crisis in the 1980s served as a significant catalyst, intertwining LGBTQ+ activism with cannabis advocacy. Cannabis was viewed as a potential treatment for AIDS symptoms, thus driving its acceptance within the community.

Prominent LGBTQ+ figures like Harvey Milk and Dennis Peron played pivotal roles in proposing legislation to legalize cannabis, acknowledging its potential benefits for the community. However, despite the influence of LGBTQ+ and HIV activism on public support for cannabis access, there’s a notable disparity in LGBTQ+ representation within the cannabis business sector.

The shift in public opinion towards LGBT rights and cannabis access in the 2000s-10s mirrors a growing trend towards normalizing social acceptance of both communities and their respective issues. This historical relationship has shaped the unique intersectionality observed in New Mexico, where cannabis consumption is not just a personal choice but also a symbol of solidarity and support for LGBTQ+ rights.

Cannabis in New Mexico

The landscape of cannabis in New Mexico has undergone significant changes. The state legalized recreational cannabis use on June 29, 2021, through the Cannabis Regulation Act, a progressive step taken by Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham. This move was not sudden but a result of a history of legislative efforts and public support for decriminalizing and legalizing cannabis.

Prior to this, medical cannabis use was legalized in 2007, under the Lynn and Erin Compassionate Use Act, which allowed its use for certain medical conditions. The state has since implemented regulations for cannabis possession, cultivation, retail sales, and taxation, with provisions for expunging past cannabis-related arrests or convictions.

Governor Lujan Grisham established the Cannabis Legalization Working Group to develop a comprehensive proposal for legalization, reflecting a proactive approach to addressing public safety concerns and regulatory issues. This has led to a more accessible and accepted cannabis culture in New Mexico, further contributing to the unique intersectionality of cannabis consumption and LGBTQ+ support.

LGBTQ+ Support in the Cannabis Industry

In New Mexico, the cannabis industry has emerged as a strong ally for the LGBTQ+ community. This alliance is evident in the rise of queer-owned cannabis businesses like Stone Road, Kush Queen, and CANN. These brands are not just about offering unique cannabis products but also about fostering a sense of community, connection, and social equity.

These LGBTQ+ cannabis brands are making a significant impact by actively supporting LGBTQ+ causes. They provide not only employment opportunities but also safe spaces for the community. Their focus on inclusivity and activism is a testament to the shared history of discrimination and the fight for acceptance that both the cannabis industry and the LGBTQ+ community have faced.

Supporting these LGBTQ+ cannabis brands is a powerful way to show solidarity, celebrate diversity, and contribute to a more inclusive and vibrant industry. It’s a step towards bridging the representation gap in the cannabis business sector, and it further strengthens the unique intersectionality of cannabis consumption and LGBTQ+ support in New Mexico. The cannabis industry, in its growth and evolution, is thus playing a crucial role in supporting and uplifting the LGBTQ+ community.

Score420’s Role

Score420, a notable cannabis store in New Mexico, has taken a proactive stance in supporting the LGBTQ+ community. Recognizing the historical ties between cannabis advocacy and LGBTQ+ rights, Score420 has implemented initiatives that directly benefit this community.

The store has established a partnership with Funders for LGBTQ Issues, a philanthropic organization committed to promoting equity and justice for LGBTQ+ communities. This partnership involves Score420 donating a portion of its profits to the organization, thereby contributing to the resources available for LGBTQ+ support.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, Score420 has prioritized disability and HIV justice, recognizing that these issues disproportionately affect the LGBTQ+ community. The store has adapted its services to ensure safe and accessible cannabis access for all customers, regardless of their health status.

Score420 also denounces any form of discrimination, including racism and xenophobia, which have unfortunately been exacerbated by the pandemic. The store has taken a firm stance against such behavior, ensuring a safe and welcoming environment for all customers.

Furthermore, Score420 actively seeks to employ individuals from the LGBTQ+ community, providing not just jobs, but also a platform for representation within the cannabis industry. This policy aligns with Score420’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity, reflecting the store’s belief in the importance of representation and visibility in promoting acceptance and equality.

In these ways, Score420 is not just a cannabis store, but a strong ally for the LGBTQ+ community. By actively supporting LGBTQ+ rights and issues, Score420 is playing a significant role in the unique intersectionality of cannabis consumption and LGBTQ+ support in New Mexico.


The intersection of LGBTQ+ support and the cannabis industry in New Mexico is a testament to the power of unity and acceptance. The cannabis industry, with businesses like Score420 at the forefront, is not only promoting cannabis consumption but also championing LGBTQ+ rights. This alliance is a beacon of progress, symbolizing the potential for social change when industries align with social causes. It’s crucial for us, as consumers, to support such businesses, thereby contributing to a more inclusive and equitable society. Let’s stand together, celebrate diversity, and make a conscious choice to support LGBTQ+ friendly cannabis businesses like Score420. Your support can make a significant difference in fostering a more inclusive cannabis industry.